torek, 24. april 2012

I loooove when it rains!!!



It's thrilling
When it's spillingAnd just fillingThe drainsWhen dear Mother Nature's showersFall from spaceWell every lazy daisyStopsTo washIt's face!

Is so welcomeYou knowThose hoursWhen it showersIt helps the flowersGrow

Winds whippingAnd folks slipping
Love to muddle
And hats rippingThru a puddleSkipAnd run

ichisan ballerina mix


and some really funny stuff

4 komentarji:

  1. super blog in super post! sledim. pa strinjam se z "I love it when it rains" :)

  2. i love it when it ends we might become friends although the heart still bends under the sky of southern tents

  3. I love it when it rains, too... In tvoje prelivajoče se barve!Vse odtenke in v njih ujete misli!

  4. these are so good!
    i don't always like rain, but sometimes i do...
    today it's been raining all day long...