petek, 09. oktober 2009

Silba, silver and gold

why picking up chestnuts if we can grill fishes? why walking in the woods if i can swim in the sea? seagulls in zadar, dinner and the best dog in towndetails from the friend's house, where the Greeeeeat spider on the ceiling above my bed is not able to be seen. It was my alarm clock; every morning at 7.30 my eyes checked spider's position and when i realized it's still settled there in the same corner every morning, i got up. The last day spider wasn't there and i was still alive.
it's good to have friends and quiet times and a chance to make every moment very special, it's nice to go away and travel, but it's so good to come back too, gather all the little souvenirs and make a canvas for a whole new painting.

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